The Poet's Heart: A Performance by Some Strings Attached

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Join Some Strings Attached on a captivating journey that explores the intricate relationship between music and poetry.

About This Event

The Poet’s Heart: Join Some Strings Attached on a captivating journey that explores the intricate relationship between music and poetry, with featured works by Gwyneth Walker and our composer-in-residence, Jordan Knapp. Step into a realm where creativity knows no boundary, and where classical and contemporary melodies intertwine seamlessly. The exploration of this music-poetry connection will reflect our hidden depths and most human experiences.

This is a free event and is fully open to the public.

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Times, Dates, & Locations

Some Strings Attached will be performing at two separate locations on October 4th:

About Some Strings Attached

Some Strings Attached values creativity, flexibility, and diversity of programming in music. The name of our group, Some Strings Attached, represents the way we appear on stage: a music ensemble performing with an unspecified number of strings. Though the full group is five members—singer, pianist, violinist, violist, and cellist—we often perform in subsets.

Part of our mission is to promote the presentation of programs where the ensemble members have different roles throughout. We enjoy the freedom to program pieces that allow our members to work together in any combination. This philosophy allows us to present programs encompassing a wider variety of sounds and genres, often juxtaposing classical and popular styles.

We inspire one another to be well-rounded musicians, open to all musical possibilities. For instance, our pianist is also a composer, our singer performs in several vocal registers, some of our players are proficient in multiple instruments, and of course we are all educators in some capacity. Our flexibility allows us to open the borders of classical music traditions and invite our audiences to share in the creative process. It is the hope of Some Strings Attached that the joy of our collaboration touches the heart of every listener.

Group Members

  • Jordan Knapp, pianist/composer (Hometown: Monroe, MI)
  • Eunice Koh, cellist (Hometown: Singapore)
  • Korcan Köstük, violinist (Hometown: Izmir, Turkey)
  • Brittany Martin, vocalist (Hometown: Paris, TN)
  • Morgan Owen, violist (Hometown: Greensboro, NC)
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